I’ve always loved to create art, whether it’s scribbling on a piece of paper or creating something digital. My interest in digital design began after graduating from high school when I began playing with website creators and various graphics software programs.  One year later  I downloaded a copy of Paint Shop Pro and that’s when things started to take off. I started teaching myself how to do different things graphically then I decided to try to learn HTML. After learning HTML I taught myself to use Adobe Photoshop, learned how to animate in Flash and learned basic CSS, all while constantly trying to find new ways to make my art interesting and more realistic.

In 2002 I decided to take my experience from working with various haunted attractions over the previous 12 years and created the only e-magazine in the haunted attraction industry – ‘HauntSearch Magazine’ (some of the issues can still be found at hauntedhouse.com). That same year I started creating websites for haunted attractions. Having grown up in the Detroit area I had a seasoned knowledge of haunt advertising due largely to the amount of attractions in the area and methods used to advertise them.

Ten years later I’ve continued to expand my artistic abilities to create art that is eye-catching,  as well as integrate principles of advertising that I’ve learned over the years to deliver the results that each client is after.  Whenever I approach any job I try not only to bring the client’s ideas to life, but to create something that I would be proud of myself. Sometimes I’m my own toughest critic, but in the end I wouldn’t have it any other way because it helps me strive to do the very best that I can.


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
Light CSS
Flash Animation


I don’t list any prices on this site because each individual project is unique and is priced accordingly. I don’t use templates or clipart in my designs. Each one is 100% custom created for each client. Payment methods accepted are check/money order and PayPal (This is the preferred method for receiving payments)


(Step 1: Brainstorming)

This is where we discuss any ideas you have as far as the project goes (what you’re looking for in regards to colors, imagery, lettering, what type of audience you’re trying to reach) .This is how I try to get a feel for what your vision is to determine the best way possible to bring it to life. During this phase I may also offer some of my own ideas based on your project concept.

(Step 2: Design)

Once I have a general idea in mind of what direction you want to go in I’ll begin working . Before this step begins a 50% deposit is required. For websites I’ll start on the basic design and you will be shown in-progress images during the design process. For logos I start off getting the basic shape and look of the lettering done first and once that has been approved I start working on coloring and effects. Throughout the entire design process you are encouraged to say what you like, don’t like, want added, want changed, etc.

(Step 3:  Website Coding and Animation)

After you have approved the overall design, if the site requires animation I will begin on that. You will be shown the animation prior to finalizing it for you to approve or request changes.  Once the animation has been approved I begin coding the site and getting it ready to add your content (text and photos). For sites that use the WordPress software the content will be added after Step 4.

(Step 4: Payment, Uploading and Turning The Project Over)

After the website design has been finished I will let you know when it is ready to go live. The remaining balance is due before anything gets uploaded or turned over. You have the option of having me upload the site for you or you can upload it yourself if you choose. For standard websites the content will be added prior to uploading. For sites that use WordPress content will be added after uploading the theme (this is necessary due to the type of system it uses). After the project is completely paid, you will be provided with a copy of the project. You will receive a zip file that contains either the whole website with content, the website theme (for WordPress), or artwork and/or logos created for you, depending on the project that was completed. This includes only finished files and does not include source files used in the creation process.


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