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For as long as I can remember I've always loved creating art. It didn't matter whether it was doodling on a piece of paper or creating something digitally. I love the process of creating something that didn't exist before, and breathing life into a project that delights the client is even more rewarding.

While my style and abilities may have evolved over the years, my core principles have not. Simply put, my goal is to deliver a product that is eye-catching, memorable, affordable, and most importantly, makes the client happy. Feel free to browse my portfolio to see both past and present examples of my work.

My Process:
1. Brainstorming

This is where we discuss any ideas you have as far as the project goes (what you’re looking for in regards to colors, imagery, lettering, what type of audience you’re trying to reach, your goals with this project) .This is how I try to get a feel for what your vision is to determine the best way possible to bring it to life. During this phase I may also offer some of my own ideas based on your project concept.

2. Design

Once we've discussed some ideas, I will work towards putting together rough ideas and see what you think. Once the rough phase gets approved, I move on to a more finalized version of the project. This could consist of imagery, textures, effects, colors, etc. Each step of the way you will be sent samples of the in-progress art to approve or tweak. Before the design process can begin a non-refundable 50% deposit is required.

3. Project Completion

Once the project has been given the final approval, the remaining balance is due. After this is paid the project will be turned over you and/or uploaded to your web hosting. This includes any necessary finished files and does not include the layered source files.

4. Payment Methods

Payment methods accepted are check/money order and PayPal. Each project is priced individually based on the client's needs, therefore you won't see any base prices on this website.

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The key to success is being able to stand out from the crowd in a meaningful way. A clean, eye-catching design with easily-found information is vital to this goal. When I approach any design, I utilize these principles to create something that helps the client connect with their target audience in memorable way. Every design is completely custom and unique for each individual client. Below is a list of some of the services that I offer:

• Website design
• Custom graphics
• Logos
• E-ticketing integration
• Ticket design
• Wristband design
• Vinyl banners
• T-shirt designs
• Book covers
• CD & DVD cover artwork
• Flyers
• Posters
• Postcards
• Business cards

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Below you'll find a selection of designs and websites that I've done over the years, intended to showcase a variety of art styles.

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“I have worked with Rick for over 16 years. Over that time Rick has done an outstanding job at developing and maintaining our websites. Rick designed over three dozen logos, billboard graphics, poster graphics, and campaigns through Photoshop! He is a creative genius. I love giving Rick just enough info on a logo and letting him run with the creativity! I’m always impressed with the results!” 

- Norm Glenn, Scream Hollow

“We’ve been having Rick Whitlow do all of our website design, logos, and even flier design for a few years now. The service is great, the prices are great, and he always makes sure we get exactly what we are looking for before the job is finished. We will continue using Rick Whitlow in the future!” 

- Kirk Boemmel, Unlock the Adventure

“I would highly recommend Rick Whitlow to anyone and everyone. Rick is extremely talented in both web design and in logo and print ad artwork design and development as well. He has a way of getting inside your head and understanding your vision and taking the information you provide to manifest exactly the look and feel you desire. Rick developed the artwork and websites for both of my sites, and He also designed the ticket, coupon, club card, poster, banner and billboard print ad and marketing materials for us. I can’t express how critical Rick’s work has been to our marketing and advertising success. Don’t let his affordability fool you! He does not compromise on quality and his work is top notch! You can bet I’ll be using Rick for all my future print ad and website design & development needs!” 

- Kelly Allen, Raycliff Manor/ Gone Wild
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