This year is our most terrifying year yet! You'll witness your very fears exposed and used to terrify you inside The House of Phobias! As the story goes, decades ago Dr. Silas Slaughter shut down his asylum after being accused of performing unnecessary surgeries and experiments in fear upon his patients. Unfortunately for some of those patients, they were still inside when the doors were closed down. Horrible screaming and bright lights could be heard and seen emanating from within the structure, and nobody that ever entered the building ever came back out. Rumor has it that those 'fears' have come to life and reside in the lonely, decrepit halls of the asylum. The doors have recently been opened. Have Dr. Slaughter's 'fear experiments' been inside all this time, waiting for anyone to confront them? Or is it just in your head? We dare you to come down to Creepyville this October and brave the House of just may end up in your own straight jacket!


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