I wish us good luck

I wish us good luck

Maybe everyone is pretending to be okay.

Actually, it’s not okay, but isn’t he hypnotizing himself just because it’s okay?

Growing up as ambiguous ages, ambiguous careers, ambiguous skills, and ambiguous adults, we are all playing adults.

Aren’t we constantly whipping ourselves in an atmosphere created by society that we have to do this much at that age and do this much?


  • The falling employment rate and soaring prices make young people nervous who have yet to properly step into society, and the elderly have a headache due to problems with their old age.
  • The reality that everyone is worried and frustrated, that is our society now. We run nonstop not to fall behind. Is this what we want right now?


Self-esteem can be selected as a representative keyword explaining this era. In the past, books on psychology and psychoanalysis talked about the times, but now they are paying attention to inner stories focused on individuals, not on society.

This book further presents a to do list of life to live as ‘me’ rather than how to live like others. This book tells everyone who tried to live like others, not live like me.

You don’t have to be anything but me.

So don’t live in an unwanted way to live like others. To survive as me in this unfriendly world, for you who can be me without being conscious, for our ordinary but beautiful ordinary beings!

I hope you look into me for a while and pat me through this book.

I hope you’re a little more free..

What do we need the most now? Life is difficult, people are difficult, and times are at stake.

What can we say to ourselves, whose homework is to live? Since everyone is living like this, is there a need for a compromise not to make a fuss?

Should we comfort each other because there are days when the sun shines in the rat hole?

If not, should I be angry with this era and others?


Let’s not blame ourselves for becoming a “B” that we endure because of our income.

Not compare myself with the lives of others on SNS. Evaluate or be ashamed that they and I are different. Everyone dreamed of becoming a superhero protecting the Earth when they were young.

I thought I could be Superman, and I thought I would live as a righteous person who could not tolerate injustice. But now I’m a normal adult who comes first to save me, not the world.

Although we are not adults of our childhood dreams, we have to look at ourselves straight and accept them.

I wish you a little more freedom from what society and others want, and I wish you all the best in your life through this book!