A Book brilliant feeling

A Book brilliant feeling

We were just part of nature

I believed in producing endless food like the mountains and fields.

I knew that food close to children was also in the shade rather than on trees.

Outside the window of my dream world, the cotton trees grew much larger than the single-story building in the children’s reading room.

Shining intensely in summer as if countless silver coins were hanging, and in winter.

The powerful branches stretching toward the cold sky seemed to be a great will with sensitivity.

The fun of reading books was probably outside the book, not inside it. When I suddenly looked at the sky or recorded outside the window while reading a book.

It looked completely different from the ordinary ones I had seen one after another. I felt ecstatic about the unfamiliarity of things.

It may have been painful, but for children in childhood, everything is incomprehensible or new and brilliant experiences.

We can experience and gauge those days through the memories and further lay the groundwork for reconsidering.

How this new era in which we live will be remembered later.


A beautiful posthumous work that you’ve worked on, trimmed and touched until the end of your life.


I read it interestingly and easily.

Writers are a little ahead of me. In terms of age, should I say that I’m like my eldest sister?

The hometown of my childhood that the writer experienced was not much different from that of my childhood.

So, should I say that I felt nostalgic as if I were unfolding an album that I had forgotten while putting it in the closet?

It felt like I was looking at the diaries of my sisters or aunts.


In the late spring of this year, I first met the writer’s book in a liberal arts class at university.

I loved Young’s story that I felt like I had the whole world when I was with my brother, so I remember choosing that work among numerous short stories when I was doing my assignment.

Since then, I have read all the books published by the writer. The love method of a large city, a short story book that I thought the writer’s name was Zaytoon Pasta when I showed my friends the cover saying it was fun, and an essay that made me feel close to the writer.


I liked the book writing

The reason why I like books is that I can feel like I’m the only one in the world who cares about the story.

Just as you said you didn’t want the reader to be bored, the writer made me fully immersed in the book.

The way I dealt with various social issues was also very good.

The writer’s view of the queer and the story of the current society is buried in the sense of being seen.

So I made a reservation and read it right away because such a writer said he would release his first full-length novel.

After receiving the book, I read it last night, slept, and read it as soon as I woke up this morning, so I read it really quickly.

Throughout the reading, I laughed at the writer’s gag points installed in several places, but it hurt eventually.

Since I also grew up in an area with strong educational enthusiasm, my friends overlapped with the main characters.


It was also painful to be in a situation where it was difficult to face emotions.

From Chapter 4, I kept crying helplessly while listening to Park Hyo-shin’s admiration.

Maybe because I’m 20 years old now, but I’m still in my teens. The stories of inexperienced people seem to have touched.

It was also a pity that the reason was not entirely about emotional inexperience.

I was very thankful to read this novel before it became blurry.

After learning how to love a big city for the first time, I read all the books written by the writer and they were all so good!

I read it more immersively because I was from Daegu and a familiar place name came out.


The world we’ll meet again

The author has revealed the existential concerns of the same generation. Also shows his charm in this novel book and shows stronger growth pains.

It evokes empathy that seems to understand our pain like a friend who listens to our stories.

By portraying the depression and alienation of our time in their own style, they unravel touching and meaningful stories.

And I wish them luck, who must have had a hard time struggling with flight luck, tired of waiting for happiness.

The fear I experienced for the first time in my life came. It was a distant and unexplained fear. I was sinking little by little. It was hard to hold out any longer. But then I felt someone hold my hand. I grabbed the arm with all my strength at the moment. I didn’t know where such power came from.


Changed a lot as I read it Book

I was interested in the content of dealing with the difficulties we face in our lives, but I wasn’t very excited. So I thought it wouldn’t be fun.

This book deals with the difficulties and misfortunes we face in our lives, and we can even feel the feelings of the characters in the story.

I was very nervous while reading this book because I thought it might be an emotion that I could feel later, and while reading this book.

I expected a lot about this book. And perhaps because the emotions of the characters of the story were delicately revealed.

I was able to empathize better, and I was able to substitute myself, so I could read more concentratedly.

I thought it was us, not them, so I didn’t talk about others.

But it wasn’t just a bad idea.

I think the only advantage of this book is to be able to think about my future by substituting myself.

And each story has a different story, so I think it was better because it seemed to be a book where you could feel various emotions and different emotions.