SNS based on blogs

What’s the secret to making hundreds of people visit even if they don’t have neighbors?

Online marketing people are most curious about how to increase blog neighbors.

This book tells you how to increase your influence online, starting with planning, writing strategies according to SNS channels, exposure to top searches, and how to expand SNS based on blogs.

If you learn and practice the contents of the book completely, hundreds of people will visit even if you don’t have neighbors, and visitors will have blogs that become buyers.


Recommended as a lecture material! Present a shortcut to harmonizing blogs and posts!

In Korea, we cannot think of web marketing without blog.

In addition, working hard on posts in line with changes in the mobile environment. Now you have to know how to operate these two in harmony.

This book provides the beginning of the solution. The author teaches blogging and post management methods in a professional and honest way that is superior to experience rather than fancy investigation.

Readers will soon realize that going straight is the shortest way to go the farthest.


SNS Very meticulous.

A book that you can write right away for blog marketing.

A book for blog marketing practitioners! I feel that this book is very meticulous.

Many blog books on the market are limited to theoretical explanations and simple uses, but this book tells you in detail how to use blogs.

Also, I felt that there was a lack of books and lectures dealing with Post, but it is very helpful to learn the basics of Post.

The most important thing when running a blog is that you need to know me.

The reason why it is difficult to decide what to set the blog topic as, how to decorate the profile, and what subject to consistently write is because I don’t know much about myself.

Only when you know me will a blog like me be born. Finding one’s strengths and posting content that is my own is the power to continue blogging.

This is why I carefully introduced how to understand myself and find pros and cons in this book.


Planning blog

Planning blogs

A book contains the entire process of maximizing visitors, including blog creation, decorating, keyword analysis, writing tips, top-level exposure methods, SNS expansion methods, and statistical analysis.

Just practice it in the order of books, and you can make your writing the No. 1 search in the field. In particular, the writing strategy suitable for main exposure, which the author has completed over a long period of time, stands out as it is a valid principle even if policy changes.

It also provides a “special appendix” for those who want to make profits through blogs.

A must-read book for anyone who starts a blog, gives up in the middle of the blog, or who is worried about why people are not coming to my blog!


From blogs to posts, it’s a must for marketing!

New social services and marketing methodologies are pouring in day by day.

However, it cannot be denied that the basis of online marketing is also a “blog.” This book faithfully contains basic skills from blog production to marketing, so it is good enough to study overall marketing.

I really recommend it as an essential basic book for marketing.

There’s an incredible secret! I think I’ve revealed too much of the author’s know-how.

As long as there’s a search, the media that will never disappear is blogs! Author contains all the blog management secrets that she planned and implemented herself to the extent that she was concerned that she seemed to have released too much of her know-how.

I added Post and SNS, so what do I need to say? It is also recommended as a lecture textbook. It is fortunate that not only companies but also individuals in need of publicity can run blogs or posts.

I also had a strong marketing effect thanks to blogs in the early stages of my business.

This book is the key to bringing you that luck. I hope you hold it tight.