A bright night

A bright night


“Love touched the heart that could not even touch insults or wounds.”

The origin of love that you discover while going back to your early trajectory.

Contrary to the ex-husband’s belief that “time is not a flowing river, but a frozen river,” “the past, the present, and the future exist at the same time,” the stories revived through the reconstruction of the delay are not fixed into past or present stories and blend smoothly into each other’s stories.

In that way, the characters are born anew in a form that retains numerous “me” rather than the fixed form of the present.

And the fact that what makes it possible is none other than the “story” that each other conveys to each other seems to confirm faith and affection for the form of fiction.

So, can I say “Bright Night” like this?

It is a beautiful and serious answer to why certain lives are bound to be delivered to us through stories.

Each step carefully with the standard method of deeply trusting the inherent power of the novel.

The waterway, even if it is a thorny bush, will flow there as long as there is very little love.

Like the warmth transmit when touching a stone heat in the sun, the love discovered and given to us is so warm and hard.


I felt nauseous while reading it.

All the sentences written by the writer had warm hands, so each sentence seemed to comfort the injured bright heart.

These days, when the heat is painful while reading a book and imagining the night sea of the spirit, the artificial wind created by the fan is like the sea breeze.

Thank you for brightening up the darkest part of my life. Thanks to this, my dark night, which felt only dark, became a brighter night.

I think novels have that kind of power.

I want to read the writer’s story for a long time with the power to sit down.

Cry together and comfort him.

While reading this novel, I only thought about this.

Thank you for letting me read a good novel.


First of all, the reason I chose this book was because of the sentence in the book written on the book card.

So I chose it and read it. Every sentence made me feel warm.

Some sentences made me understand and others empathize, but sentences made me understand and empathize.

I think it’s better to make the character feel like I’m feeling it.

Later, tears poured out. From beginning to end, I sympathized with and understood all the characters.

So it was more affectionate and enjoyable, and I was heartbroken like the person who lived at that time.

Thanks to this book, I was so happy to know the writer. I heard you’ve never heard of a full-length novel.

Writer, please continue to publish full-length novels. I’ll just trust and read the author’s book.

If you haven’t read this book yet, I recommend you to read it. It’s a really fun and touching story.

You will feel like you understand and sympathize with all the characters’ situations and stories.


My heart was overwhelmed because I thought I was talking about love, and it was the most impressive part for me.

Now, I was more glad because I thought that novels that tell stories of various generations, including Korean history, could only be born if I tried hard.

Many generations will probably be able to sympathize with each other by reading the pain experienced by women in their four generations, their harsh lives.

The process of bumping and breaking each other’s pain. I’m looking forward to the future feature.


Throughout the bright reading

I remembered my childhood and the warm table prepared by my grandmother, giving me a deep impression of my heart.

I think I can overcome the hot summer well because I found a good book.

Can you confidently say, “I am respected as a human being”? Human rights are not scary, annoying, or difficult. It is a basic premise that society should have so that I and the people around me can live with dignity.

Human rights sensitivity is what I think from the perspective of human rights, the first step in protecting my dignity and the basics of respecting others and creating a comfortable society.