Complete happiness

Complete happiness

That’s what narcissism, self-esteem, and obsession with happiness are. Self-love and self-esteem are virtues that have important meanings in life.

It was strange in that the whole world was shouting.

  • “What did my mom say a secret means?”
    Mom asked as if she were reviewing it. Jiyu replied.
    “What you can’t tell anyone.”
    “And?” means this. The answer is not complete. Jiyu filled the rest.
    “If you say it, you’ll be punished.”
  • “If you add happy moments one by one, isn’t that life happy in the end?”
    “No, happiness is not an addition.”
    She glanced at the veranda glass door. It was as if looking over the distant horizon. All you can see in real life is the indoor scenery reflected on the glass door.


I felt my mind slowly returning

I came to get rid of that very crime. had to be alive.

“Happiness is not an addition.” Happiness is subtraction.

Who was obsessed with the nature of evil from her previous works to painting characters embodying evil?

Complete Happiness shows how the narcissist in a swamp of self-love runs toward.

Interfere with it to sustain happy moments, ask a heavy literary question.


The moment they read the first chapter.

As you follow a novel running toward the ending at a pleasant speed, the reader faces the cool fear that covers the world she created and the dark abyss lurking inside humans.

Myung Myung-cha inside and outside the shadow of effort, and there is a suspense that fascinates the reader.

I think it’s the first time I’ve read a book overnight. It’s my fault to pick up books all evening.

It makes you unable to sleep like a child who is into a game.

  • I started reading on my way to work.
  • I read it without even having lunch.
  • Inhale and immerse yourself.
  • As expected.
  • It gives off the vibe and immersion.
  • It’s the best book of the year.

On this hot day, I felt the cool chill and read a book that was quite thick.

Complete happiness is natural for myself and others around me to be happy together.